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Evette Dionne is a Black Feminist culture writer, editor, and scholar based in Brooklyn, New York.

Presently, Dionne is senior news and identity editor at Revelist, a Cafe Media site for millennial women. She’s also a weekend breaking news writer for Refinery29.

Dionne is a regular contributor to Teen VogueHello Beautiful, Clutch Magazine, Bitch Magazine, and Bustle, where she covers race, feminism, popular culture, television, film, and Black womanhood.

Her reported features, cultural commentary, and personal essays have also been published in/on the New York Times, The Toast, MIC, , VIBE Vixen, xoJane, The Root, For Harriet, Urban Cusp, Ravishly, LoveBrownSugar, Madame Noire, Betty Confidential and Uptown Magazine.

When Dionne’s not writing or tweeting, she’s researching. She’s an incoming graduate student at Rutgers University who uses critical theories like Black Feminist Thought, Critical Race Theory, and Strategic Whiteness to examine Black female sexualities and pleasure within media texts, including film, television, and music videos.

She is most concerned with how Black popular culture reinforces and resists historical stereotypes of Black female sexualities, power and desire. Right now, she’s working on a book chapter about Beyoncé. Yes, that Beyoncé. And it will be epic.

If you want to drop Evette a line, please send an email to or use the contact form.