Womanist Wisdom: Seven Simple Acts for 2012

We are reaping the benefits of the sacrifices that previous generations made, so our points of contention in the gender inequality battle have a different spin than it did for our spirited feminist ancestors. On the other hand, how feminism/womanism manifests in our millennial lives leaves a lot of Generation Yers in Swift’s position: confused and unsure of how to become involved in the new waves of the movement. But here are seven simple acts of feminism/womanism that can be accomplished by the end of 2012.… Read More Womanist Wisdom: Seven Simple Acts for 2012

Womanist Wisdom: The Chickenhead in Me

As I checked out book after book from the library about womanist theology, I was struck. A lot of their principles didn’t mirror mine. And that was a pill I refused to swallow. I knew that the core of womanism aligned with my life, but the perimeters … not so much!… Read More Womanist Wisdom: The Chickenhead in Me

The War on Women

In 2012, women are still oppressed, though the method of suppression is much different. The war on women and our reproductive rights is thriving without a measurable solution in sight. Harmful legislative initiatives and policies are being proposed in the United States’ Congress. All of these tyrannical measures, including the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the redefinition of rape, are designed to inhibit women and suppress our freedoms.… Read More The War on Women