Womanist Wisdom: Seven Simple Acts for 2012

We are reaping the benefits of the sacrifices that previous generations made, so our points of contention in the gender inequality battle have a different spin than it did for our spirited feminist ancestors. On the other hand, how feminism/womanism manifests in our millennial lives leaves a lot of Generation Yers in Swift’s position: confused and unsure of how to become involved in the new waves of the movement. But here are seven simple acts of feminism/womanism that can be accomplished by the end of 2012.… Read More Womanist Wisdom: Seven Simple Acts for 2012

A Letter’s Context

Even biblical lessons should be analyzed based on what was happening in the world during that time, so I resolutely believe that all controversial opinion pieces deserve that same thoughtfulness. Plus, I don’t want black women readers, who I am dedicated to uplifting, to think that I am attacking Love without provocation.… Read More A Letter’s Context

Creating the Vision

As January shifts to February and then flowers begin to bud in late March, we often lose sight of our initial goals in the hustle of life. Our dedication to our resolutions begins to wane and losing those 30 pounds seems more realistic for 2013 than right now. Such is life. But, this does not have to be. If we are able to see our goals each morning when we awake and as we wind down each night, dumping the excess baggage seems more appealing and as simple done as said.… Read More Creating the Vision