Evette Dionne writes and edits about race, feminism and culture. Below are links to selected works. Please click individual links to be taken to the article.

Long-form editing

How The Mothers shreds the stereotypes that Black women are unfit mothers

Wonder Woman’s Credits Reveal the Sexist Mistreatment of Women in Comics (Bitch Media)

A disturbing history of all the sexism Hillary Clinton has endured — and why I stopped buying into it

Channeling Audre: Janet Mock Opens Up About Her Memoir, Sex Work, and Being An Icon

Thanks to the Stanford rape survivor, I’m finally ready to tell my own story

Titus Andromedon Should Break Up With Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Bitch Media)

How my eating disorder stole the best part of my Nigerian culture from me

A Q&A With Kristen Sollee About Unleashing Your Inner Witch (Bitch Media)

Why it’s OK for Black women not to be with Hillary Clinton

Filtering Prison: Orange is the New Black’s Instagram Chooses Fandom Over Social Justice (Bitch Media)

Why Rihanna smashing ‘cool girl’ stereotypes is so important

Darkness Outshines Diana: A Review of Wonder Woman (Bitch Media)

I asked Ted Cruz about being Muslim in America — and his response will terrify you

Surviving the Dystopia: What The Handmaid’s Tale Teaches Us That 1984 Can’t (Bitch Media)

I visited the new African-American museum — and still encountered white privilege

The adoption-shaming of Simone Biles is why I never open up about my own

It’s time to address Almay’s racism problem

A disturbing history of getting catcalled as a mixed woman in front of my white mother

I started a hashtag to show the lack of Asian-Americans in film — but it took a painful turn

Be a Man: The Disruption of Toxic Masculinity in Master of None (Bitch Media)

Lemonade essay series

Why Lemonade featuring the Black mothers of police brutality victims is so important

Lemonade isn’t just about cheating about men — it’s also about womanism

Here’s why Lemonade’s Malcolm X speech means so much to Black women

Lemonade is a freedom anthem for Black women

Why Lemonade, a celebration of Black girl magic, reminds me of this other great feminist work


Young M.A. profile (The Guardian)

The Fragility of Body Positivity: How a Radical Movement Lost Its Way (Bitch)

This brilliant activist is helping Black people find joy (Revelist)

Ariell Johnson Is Taking the Comic Book World By Storm (Bitch)

R&B Artist Sevyn Streeter Isn’t Staying Silent About Her Depression (SELF Magazine)

#SayHerNameLives: Andrea J. Ritchie On Being “Invisible No More” (Bitch)

Dear white (and Black people) it’s time to have a conversation about who can wear locs (Revelist)

Sex Workers Deserve Better: Christine Pelisek Explains How the Grim Sleeper’s Victims Were Overlooked for 25 Years (Bitch)

Fat activists explain why body positivity is becoming meaningless (Revelist)

The Self-Care Revolution (SELF Magazine)

6 reasons why “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” set the standard for feminist television (Revelist)

Black nerds reveal what the geek world is missing (Revelist)

‘Moonlight’ editor says this is how we can get more Black women in the film industry (Revelist)

Q&A: Arielle Scott, the Force Behind GenJuice (Madame Noire)

“Big Sexy’s” Tiffany Bank: Women should take risks (Betty Confidential)

Birthright Is the Chilling Documentary All Women Must See In 2017 (Bitch)

A Standing Rock protestor shot by police shares chilling details of the violence happening there (Revelist)

Insecure’s Yvonne Orji Talks Black Women’s Equal Pay Day (Bitch)


An Underwater Cult: How Fiona Became An Internet Sensation (Bitch)

Police kill Black women all the time — we just don’t hear about it (Bustle)

Stop calling me a “strong Black woman” (Ravishly)

Why are white men obsessed with Michelle Obama’s posterior? (Mic)

An open letter to Abigail Fisher (Clutch Magazine)

Do you know Donyale Luna? (Clutch Magazine)

Why Lena Dunham’s comments about Odell Beckham Jr. are dangerous (Revelist)

The strange trend of “Black Woman Face” is ruining Black comedy (Mic)

Hip-hop is not run by Iggy Azalea, but it sure is run by White Privilege (Bustle)

Two Black female swimmers just made US Olympic team history (Revelist)

Why the U.S. Gymnastics team’s victory means so much (Bustle)

Wealthy reality stars humanize Black women (The New York Times’ Room for Debate)

I don’t want to see Black women on the Bachelorette (The New York Times’ Room for Debate)

Barbie anniversary: Over 50 years later, Mattel is still marketing sexism to children (Mic)

Amber Rose and Black women’s sexuality (Bitch Magazine)

Canceling Rutgers University’s Beyoncé course proves larger point (Clutch Magazine)

Why I’m glad Beyoncé won’t be starring as the ‘Hottentot Venus’ (NTRSCTN)

Why President Obama’s presidency means so much to Black people (Teen Vogue)

5 iconic women who need as many ‘I Voted’ stickers as Susan B. Anthony (Revelist)

Sisters in Cinema: Where are the Black women film directors? (The Feminist Wire)

The kinship of Alice and Zora, and what it teaches us about sisterhood (Clutch Magazine)

Why Ebony’s new Cosby cover nailed it (Bustle)

It Has Never Been About R. Kelly. It Has Always Been About Black Girls. (Bitch)

Beyoncé’s Grammys outfit was stunning, but here’s why we should really be talking about it (Bustle)


‘Get Out’ reveals a startling truth about white women’s role in racism (Bustle)

Fat Girls Deserve Fairytales Too: The Rejection of Tropes in This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare (Bitch)

Big Little Lies’ biggest flaw is its treatment of Bonnie (Bustle)

Redemption for the Redemption: Ongoing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Bitch)

Shots Fired confronts police shootings in the way that TV needs (Bustle)

We Are More Than Tragedy: Fat Girls Deserve Better Than This Is Us (Bitch)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is talking about mental illness in a way you never see on TV (Revelist)

Mary Jane Paul, Claire Huxtable, and the need for realistic Black women on television (Bustle)

ABC may have ulterior motives for casting its first Black Bachelorette (Revelist)

On TV, one character can’t represent an entire culture (Bitch)

Why Taraji P. Henson’s golden globe win is a smaller success than you think (Complex Life)

Girl’s Trip Is the Ode To Black Women’s Friendships That We’ve All Been Missing (Bitch)

Beyoncé’s “Formation” video is a call to arms for Black women (Bustle)

She’s Gotta Have It Butchers Polyamory and Queerness (Bitch)

Pitch breaks the gender barrier in baseball in the most American way (Revelist)

We All Fall Short: The Problem with Stereotypical Characters in Dear White People (Bitch)

Personal Essays

I’m a womanist and you may be too (For Harriet)

What it’s like to have HPV: How the vaccine failed to protect me as a Black woman (Bustle)

Why HBO and other networks need to pay attention to diversity (Bustle)

College taught me that as a Black woman, I had to wear pearls (Mic)

The chickenhead in me: Hip-hop feminism (The Toast)

My viral tweet taught me how unsafe the internet is for Black women (Revelist)

What Maya Angelou taught me as a Black woman and a young writer (Bustle)

Why PDA Is So Important To Fat Women Like Me (Cosmopolitan)

Fashion Reporting

Why we should remember Zora Neale Hurston as a fashion goddess (BuzzFeed)

This Black fashion scholar thinks you should care more about what happens on the runway (Mic)

Women of size should wear fatkinis (LoveBrownSugar)

Tracy Reese runway report (VIBE Vixen)

15 must-have fall wardrobe essentials (LoveBrownSugar)

Suri Cruise, Willow Smith and Apple Martin: 10 stylish celebrity kids (BettyConfidential)

LBS runway report: Rebecca Minkoff spring 2013 (LoveBrownSugar)

Elle put Amandla Stenberg and Hari Nef on September covers. Here’s why it matters. (Revelist)