Stop Fat Shaming Kim Kardashian

I never imagined I’d be penning a piece with this headline or defending reality television starlet Kim Kardashian, but size-positive activists must be indiscriminate in our battles.

Kim Kardashian is an ideal target for collective cultural dislike and paradoxical fascination. The Armenian-American TV personality has parlayed her striking features and adoration for the camera – even in intimate spaces – into a multimillion-dollar endorsement empire. I understand the aversion and have even participated in Kardashian bashings. We watch Kim and her sisters gallivanting through Los Angeles and Miami while we struggle to get Sallie Mae off our backs and bust our asses at jobs that don’t recognize our full humanity and potential. Kim discards men like Kleenex, divorcing her husband of 72 days after cashing a 1.6 million check from People and raking up dough for sexing her ex-boyfriend Ray J on camera. I get the repugnance, respect its influence in cultural criticism and understand how and why it’s wielded at Kim Kardashian and her klan.

However, the new role Kardashian’s assuming as a mother to-be has opened her to a new and unwarranted plateau of criticism. We can disagree with Kardashian’s decision to have a child with beau Kanye West while she’s still married to Kris Humphries, but lambasting her body for reacting normally to pregnancy is off-based lunacy.

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