23 Affirmation Goals for 23

I have been 23 for almost a month. I consider this age the transitional period between college and adulthood, created to teach us the essential skills needed to propel our careers and lives forward. I am in that phase and am prepared to reap the positive abundance of seeds that I’ve sown from birth through 22.

So, I’m setting 23 affirmation goals for 23 that I am aiming to complete by 24. According to Wayne W. Dyer, a renowned author, speaker and self-development specialist, affirmations are rooted goals that can be used to strengthen a bond with faith in times of turmoil and/or to establish a firm intentional vision for your life.

Here are my 23 affirmation goals for 23.

1. Attend church at least two Sundays each month.

2. Volunteer at a women’s shelter or crisis hotline.

3. Travel outside of the United States twice.

4. Create a new vision board.

5. Find a mentor in my graduate program.

6. Lose weight and drink at least three 8 oz. bottles of water per day.

7. Attend a blogging and/or academic conference.

8. See my byline in print at least five times.

9. Write an essay for ELLE or a women’s magazine of equal stature.

10. Find my blogging voice.

11. Create blogs/e-magazines, including one about black women in film and literature.

12. Establish a complete business plan for Color Coded, LLC.

13. Land one publishing client.

14. Increase my social media presence by finding my niche.

15. Have an awesome internship that is truly fulfilling.

16. See my byline on The Huffington Post (preferably Black Voices).

17. See my byline in Essence.

18. Get business cards.

19. Attend the NABJ conference.

20. Host panel discussions on black women’s reality in reality television, social media, and building a resume in college.

21. Mentor young girls through teaching creative writing.

22. Pay off all of my credit card debt.

23. Begin my memoir.


24. Visit five states in the U.S. including Louisiana, Texas, Massachusetts and California.

25. Research the Harlem Renaissance and write a thorough paper on the impact of that era on millennials.

26. Meet and establish solid relationships with women in graduate school.

What are your affirmations for 2013? Share them below.

Share thoughts with me below. Muah!

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