For the past 10 weeks (or so), we’ve witnessed “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” starlet, Mimi Faust, attempt to piece together a shattered relationship for the sake of her daughter. Even after Mimi’s child’s father, Stevie J, toted Joseline in her face, impregnated the mistress and then forced her to sit through counseling sessions with his other woman she was still mum about whether or not she is severing ties with her beloved.

At some point, the viewers’ empathetic pangs for Mimi evolved into “SMH” camaraderie. Women couldn’t wrap their minds around this blatant disrespect and Mimi’s insistence that she hasn’t closed the door on that chapter of her life because she wants to raise her daughter in a two-parent home. I was raised in a home with two parents, so I commend Mimi for desiring an axial family for her child. But when Stevie J is the other parent and partner in the equation? Her daughter might be healthier in a one-parent home.

After all, the egotistical producer did tell New York’s Hot 97 that he doesn’t want his daughters to date men like him. But Mimi thinks him being in the home will set a positive example of how relationships should function. Puzzled, much?

Well, Mimi is tired of our supposed verdicts about her relationship with a man who is living two separate lives. In recent interviews and even in the reunion, she has appeared defensive and infuriated that we’re casting judgment based on the 60 minutes of her life that we’re exposed to each week.

It appears that she has reached the peak of the volcano and it is beginning to erupt. The first stop on the lava train was Jermaine Dupri’s YouTube series, “Living the Life.” Mimi was unhinged and uncouth. From spewing excessive expletives to referring to women as b—ches continually, Mimi insists that we’ve all been in relationships with unfaithful men, but somehow, she’s superior because she was willing to allow cameras to film her insecurities.

I won’t refute the latter half of that statement. Reality television stars are much more uninhibited than I am because I would never allow the world to witness the unraveling of my life. I will also concur that some women have been in relationships with unfaithful, abusive men. I am one of them. I’ve dated cheaters and been trapped in webs of deceit. But when women create boundaries in our lives and relationships, we’re able to escape the snare that Stevie J has set for Mimi. After almost two decades of abuse, I would hope that Mimi is beginning to establish those limitations.

Though she might feel attacked because women aren’t relating to her plight and are calling her out for not asserting her strength in her relationship, we aren’t responsible for Mimi’s anger. Long before we were provided a platform into her life, her child’s father was a cheater, liar and overall snake – well, rat.  She should direct all of that hostility toward those causing her heartache e.g. Joseline and Stevie instead of raving like a lunatic about judgments from strangers.

I offer love and light to Mimi Faust as she attempts to escape the maze that has confined her for almost two decades. We’ve been there too.

Peep the YouTube rant below.

Share thoughts with me below. Muah!

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