My Curvy Girl Inspirations

Before I became a proud member of the Curvy Girls Club, I was uncomfortable with this extra weight.  I was larger than I wanted to be and it directly impacted my self-esteem.  There were times when I desired to be in a body that was considered traditionally “beautiful” in American society.  But, even in those moments of doubt and insecurity, there were exclusive members of this club who were waiting on me to accept my elite membership.

I have decided to honor these women in this special article! These curvy babes embrace who they are, stretch marks and all.  Some of them are bloggers while others are fashion enthusiasts and entertainers, but these voluptuous barbies are inspirational! Breaking fashion rules, records, and beauty standards, these women have encouraged me through their own self love.  It is because of them (and others) that I am able to accept who I am and love the reflection in the mirror.

Cheers to my curvy girl inspirations!

Tanesha Awatshi is the creator of Girl with Curves, a personal fashion blog on Tumblr.  She uses a Nikon camera to share her fashion choices with the world.  Though Tanesha did not set out to influence women everywhere to love themselves, that is exactly what she has accomplished.  Whether thin, curvy, or in-between, Tanesha has dedicated herself to improving the self-esteem of ALL women.  So have I.  After interviewing Tanesha for an article on, I developed a whole new perspective on life as a big girl.  Tanesha and I are kindred spirits.  We stand together in this fight to make all people realize that curvy girls are beautiful.

I’ve been hailing this queen since I can remember.  I’ve often been told that the Queen and I are twins, but outside of our gorgeousness, what I admire most about this curvy diva is her unwillingness to compromise.  From hip-hop to the silver screen, Cover Girl, and beyond, Queen Latifah has never folded to the pressures of Hollywood.  Regardless of the times that she has been listed on the “worst dressed” list for not hiding her body under bulks of clothing, Queen Latifah has never allowed her weight to define her.  Thanks to this Queen, all curvy babes believe they are Cover Girls!

Long before rapper 50 Cent realized that Jill Scott was beautiful, I did.  Though she was 50 pounds heavier, Jill was always beautiful and proud to be in the skin she was born in.  I admire Jill Scott because she has dared to be bold in her fashion choices, musical selections, and life decisions.  Even as she has struggled in life and love, she has been honest with herself.  Her lyrics are a primary example of this.

She might have played “Ugly Betty” in her hit ABC sitcom, but America Ferrera is far removed from that adjective. As an avid Betty fan, I watched America transition from drab on television to glamorous on the red carpet.  I loved each and every moment of it. Since I think I will be at a magazine similar to MODE one day, I take pointers from her character on the show.  One of the biggest lessons I learned was never be afraid to take risks. Thanks America!

If King Bey has taught me nothing else, she has instilled in me the power of womanhood.  After seeing her thighs jiggling during her second world tour, The Beyonce Experience, I realized how beautiful curves can and should be.  As she rocked out with her all-female band, I also came to the realization that there is power in being a woman.  I don’t claim to be a feminist, but I felt that empowerment at that concert.  The world sees the beauty in Beyonce’s hips.  I see that same beauty in mine.

Blogger extraordinare, Christina Brown, defines the essence of self-love and acceptance.  Along with running her popular fashion blog that has evolved into much more, LoveBrownSugar, Christina is an online editor at UPTOWN Magazine.  She is a journalism superwoman … who just happens to be a role model of mine.  Christina has taught me that self acceptance is the key to confidence which ultimately leads to success.  Don’t believe me? Just read her blog post about her love-hate relationship with her legs!

Of course, there are tons of other women that I could have listed including Tyra Banks, Tocarra Jones, and the incomparable Gabi Fresh, but these six ladies have had the largest impact on me. It is through their bold actions that I was able to come to love the body I was born to be in. Find your inspirations. Love yourself. And as always…

Be Fabulous!

Cross-published with Full Figured Magazine.

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