Evette DionneHi! I’m Evette Dionne and I’m a writer, editor and scholar. Currently, I reside in Denver, but I’m always pining for a life in New York City — like Carrie Bradshaw or Khadijah James.

I write and edit stories about race, feminism, popular culture, television, film, Black womanhood, relationships and fashion. I’m an essayist, opinion columnist and reporter, but I’m focused on penning magazine profiles that resonate with multiple readerships. I also love all things digital, so I’m forever tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming to elevate conversations about race, feminism and culture.

My work has been published in/on the New York Times, Bitch Magazine, Bustle, The Root, Clutch Magazine, VIBE Magazine, MIC, Refinery29, The Toast, and elsewhere.

When I’m not writing or tweeting, I’m researching. I’m an independent critical media studies researcher and I use theories like Black Feminist Thought, Critical Race Theory and other critical methods to examine Black female sexualities and pleasure within media texts, including film, television and music videos. I am most concerned with how Black popular culture reinforces and resists historical stereotypes of Black female sexualities, power and desire. Right now, I’m even working on a book chapter about Beyoncé. Yes, that Beyoncé. And it will be epic.

If you want to drop me a line, please do so.